It may be easier to start with a preliminary what does everybody agree on Madness is rare in individualsbut in groups parties nations and ages it is the rule Nietzsche wrote before he went mad.

In the winter of a young Harvard student named Bill Gates sees the Altair the worlds first personal computer on the cover of Popular Electronics.

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And its that challenge that drives me.

Grandmaster Jos Ral Capablanca put it well to succeed you must study the endgame before everything else.

As previously discussed use phrases like I have decided rather than I think or Id like.

Put another way even though were not capable of spending a full day in a state of blissful depth this reality shouldnt reduce the urgency of reducing shallow work as the typical knowledge workday is more easily fragmented than many suspect.

One of the great things about building a tech company is the amazing people that you can hire.

If youre still not sure however about the idea that artificial limits on your workday can make you more successful I urge you to once again turn your attention to the career of fixed-schedule advocate Radhika Nagpal.

Its bad enough that so many trends are prioritized ahead of deep work but to add insult to injury many of these trends actively decrease ones ability to go deep.

The first big question was Hit the road to go see whom At that time most institutional investors wouldnt invest in stocks with prices under let alone under.

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Chappell adopted the rhythmic philosophy of deep work scheduling out of necessity.

But whether those prices make sense is not to be second-guessed the market knows far more than you ever could.

Cleantech shows the result hundreds of undifferentiated products all in the name of one overbroad goal.

However sometimes a really smart employee develops an agenda other than improving the company.

Even though I dont work at night and rarely work on weekends between arriving at Georgetown in the fall of and beginning work on this chapter in the fall of Ive published somewhere around twenty peer-reviewed articles.

I suggested that we stop by Los Angeles on our way to Plano Texas home of EDS to get some advicefrom Michael Ovitz.

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About us
At this point I could barely control myself.

Ben The accounting is meant to reflect the intent of both us and our customers in the contract correct EY Correct.

Technology businesses tend to be extremely complex.

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When we arrived in his offices the place buzzed with activity.

In an equity-based compensation structure optimizing for the companys success should yield better results for individuals as well.

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Interestingly I see this same problem play out in many consumer Internet startups.

Whether we achieve the Singularity on a cosmic scale is perhaps less important than whether we seize the unique opportunities we have to do new things in our own working lives.

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It sometimes confuses my colleagues he told me.

So we set out to hire people who would actually enjoy working together.

As a result many great One CEOs employ primarily Twos and Functional Ones on their staff.


Ben But all three customers are large banks.
My partner at Andreessen Horowitz Scott Weiss relayed that its so common that there is an acronym for it WFIO which stands for Were Fucked Its Over its pronounced whiff-ee-yo.